Tax Season Information

Tax Season Information

TAX FILING SEASON:  All international students and scholars who were in the U.S. in any visa type other than B (Visitor) visa for any period of time during the year 2020, and received income, must file a 2020 income tax return or statement with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The deadline for filing taxes had been extended to May 17, 2021, however, the Glacier Tax Filing System will be available for late tax filers until December 1, 2021. Some international students and scholars may also be required to file a New Jersey state income tax return.

Princeton staff members in the Davis International Center are not tax preparation professionals and cannot grant tax advice.

The Global Financial Services Office offers guidance regarding payroll and tax issues, and manages access to the Glacier Tax Filing System. If you have questions about payroll and tax issues, please contact the Global Financial Services Office.

*The 06/22/2020 recorded Tax Information Session for Non-resident students and scholars can be found here

Global Financial Services Office

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