Traveling Abroad? International or Domestic - Be Prepared

April 2, 2018

In order to reenter the U.S. to resume your studies after international travel, you must have the following documents: Valid passport; Valid visa stamp in your passport (Canadians are exempt from this requirement);  Your I-20 form (F-1/F-2) or your DS-2019 form (J-1/J-2) with a valid signature for travel. (NOTE: Canadians are exempt from having a visa in the passport but ARE REQUIRED to have the I-20 or DS-2019 travel document when entering the U.S.). Travel signatures are valid for reentry for up to one year after the date of the most recent signature. You may stop by the Davis IC during business hours to obtain a travel signature on the spot. However, in some instances in which it is necessary to print another form, the process may require 1-2 days. More about travel documents.

If you plan to travel away from the Princeton area but within the U.S., you should carry the following documents with you: Valid passport; I-20 form (F-1/F-2) or DS-2019 form (J-1/J-2); and your Princeton Tiger I.D. card.  These documents are not required for domestic airline travel but it is best to have them with you in case you are asked.

You must check on the requirements for travel to that country before you travel!  You can consult directly with the Consulate or Embassy within the U.S. of the country you plan to visit to inquire whether you need a visa to enter or transit through that country.  

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