The SEVP Portal and OPT Reporting Requirements

Wednesday, Apr 3, 2019

The SEVP Portal recently released an update which allows students on the STEM extension to view their 6-month validation and self-evaluation reporting requirements. The portal is set to send reminder emails 30 days prior to the reporting deadline.

It has come to our attention that students with no reporting due have been receiving reminder emails from the SEVP Portal in error. Please note the following:

Post-Completion OPT

Students currently on post-completion OPT are not required to submit either a STEM validation report or self-evaluation. Should you receive a notification from the SEVP Portal regarding these requirements, you may disregard the email.

STEM Extension

Students on the STEM extension must complete the following to maintain their F-1 status:

  1. Submit a Validation Report every six months from the start date of the STEM extension and ending when your F-1 status ends or the STEM extension ends, whichever comes first;
  2. Submit an Initial Self-Evaluation within 12 months of the STEM OPT start date;
  3. Submit a Final Self-Evaluation at the end of the STEM OPT period and at the conclusion of any period of employment.

Note that this reporting cannot be completed in the SEVP Portal and must be submitted directly to the Davis IC. Validation reporting and evaluations are ONLY due at the times outlined above and on our website here under sections 7 & 8. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your reporting responsibilities or notifications received from the SEVP Portal, please contact Andria Kwasnicki at