B-1/WB Visitors for Business

Individuals in B-1 status or WB (Waiver Business) status under the Visa Waiver Program are not usually appointed to University positions (with the exceptions of the DOF rank of Visiting Research Collaborator and other short-term appointments with no compensation as long as the activity can appropriately be conducted in the Visitor for Business category). The B-1/WB status is usually used by individuals invited to the University to give a lecture or a talk or by individuals with Departmental Guest status.    

Visitors for business may engage in temporary commercial, business or professional activities related to their employment or business abroad, as long as the activity in the U.S. is not “employment”. It is appropriate for attendance at conventions, conferences, to undertake independent research and to engage in consultations and other legitimate activities of a commercial or professional nature.  

Immigration regulations allow educational institutions to pay honoraria and expenses to individuals in B-1 Visitor for Business and WB (Waiver Business) status for usual academic activities lasting no more than 9 days as long as the individual has not received more than 5 such payments in the previous 6 months.   B-1s not receiving honoraria may be reimbursed expenses without the 9 day time limit. See Payments to Foreign Nationals, Guests and Speakers  for Princeton University policies.  

Host departments should consider that visitors who do not hold a University appointment or receive Princeton-sponsored visa documents will not be benefits-eligible, they might not have access to many resources or labs, and will likely not have access to University housing or affiliate housing options.  Insurance in particular should be secured by the visitor and verified by the department with this in mind.

Time Limits

B-1 visitors for business are usually admitted to the U.S. for a length of time necessary to complete their objective in coming to the U.S, usually 1-6 months. B-1s may apply for an extension of stay beyond 6 months through the immigration service.  

WB (Waiver Business) visitors are limited to a 90 day stay in the U.S. No extension beyond 90 days is allowed. However, the visitor can depart the U.S. and return for another 90 day period.   


Davis IC can provide only referral advice on B-1/WB immigration matters. Departments inviting individuals to Princeton may wish to give the individual an invitation letter indicating the purpose of the visit, the intended length of stay, and the financial arrangements for the visit.