Healthcare and Insurance

Preserving your mental and physical health

The workload at Princeton is often intense and it is possible to fall into the rut of all work and no play which can have a negative effect on your happiness and productivity. Look for opportunities to create a balance in your work life and to reduce your stress by exercising, eating healthfully, practicing yoga, meditation, or other stress-reducing activity and having fun.


Campus offices that can help you preserve your health


Emergencies & Local Hospitals

For any police, fire, or medical emergency on campus, call Public Safety at 609-258-3333. Off campus emergencies should be reported by dialing 911. Princeton Medical Center located in nearby Plainsboro is the closest hospital to campus and offers a range of clinical and emergency care. For more information about safety and security, visit the Princeton University Public Safety Office.

Medical Records for Students, Scholars, and Their Dependents

Bring copies of your medical records and the medical records of your dependents (if any) who are coming with you. You should keep them with other important documents so they will be on hand if necessary. If you have school age children, you will be required to submit their medical records when they register to attend school in the local area. All medical records should be translated into English before coming to the U.S.

Student Health Insurance Plan (Undergraduate, Graduate, and VSRC Students)

University Health Services (UHS) provides a number of services designed to keep students physically and mentally healthy. UHS offers several services to students, ranging from outpatient medical care to counseling and psychological services.

Every student is required to have health insurance coverage while enrolled at Princeton University. This health insurance must cover off-campus specialty care and hospitalization not provided by UHS. All students are automatically enrolled in the Princeton University Student Health Plan (SHP). All costs associated with the SHP and the services at UHS are included in the total tuition and required fees.

The U.S. healthcare system can be confusing. It is important that you familiarize yourself with your obligations as an insured student, especially since some healthcare costs may exceed the coverage you have. More information about the Student Insurance Plan.

Dental and Vision Insurance Plan

Students may also elect to participate in and pay for optional vision and dental plans that provide benefits beyond those included in the Student Health Plan. For more information about the Student Dental Plan.

Scholars Health Insurance (Postdocs, Research Scholars, Faculty)

Federal regulations require any scholar in J visa status to have a minimum level of health insurance coverage. Princeton University offers the J-1 Visa Health Insurance Plan and the AETNA HMO Health Insurance Plan which meet the minimum requirements. For more information about these and other health insurance plans, please contact the Human Resources Benefits Office.