Nannette Beckley

Hey everyone! I'm Nannette Beckley, Class of 2023, from Chicago, Illinois, in the USA. I am currently undecided, but strongly leaning to the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, with a close second being Medical Anthropology. I'm also part of First College (worst res college, but best people!). Outside of IC Leaders, I am the Freshman Representative for Princeton Association of Black Women (PABW), an Advising Fellow for Matriculate, member of Partners in Health (PIH), and Social Media Chair/ member of Dorobucci African Dance group. I'm super excited to be a Davis IC Leader this year since I can really talk to the "American" experience and help international students adjust to the culture here. Also, I love hearing about different cultural experiences, so feel free to open up to me in person or through email whenever. See you soon!