International Center Student Leaders

2018 IC Leaders

The IC Leaders are a select group of about twenty-five undergraduate international and American students.


The IC Leader mission is to assist the Davis IC to:

  • Serve as the International Orientation Student Leaders for undergraduate and graduate international orientations in late August - September
  • Assist international students in their cultural and practical adjustment to the U.S. and to Princeton University
  • Provide programs that promote world knowledge
  • Maintain the Davis IC flag collection and coordinate requests to borrow flags (see item 1 below)
  • Advance the principles of mutual respect and cultural understanding
  • Enrich the social integration of international, American, undergraduate, and graduate students


IC Leader projects include:

  1. Requests to Borrow a Flag: The Davis IC owns flags from many countries that are available to students and student organizations upon request. Flag requests are free, but a $50 fine is charged to your student account if flags are lost or damaged.  Our current collection features flags from 152 countries, and new flags can be bought depending on the need for more countries.  To borrow a flag - email  Please allow 48 hours for a response.
  2. Study Break Programs:  Held throughout the academic year to provide opportunities to take a break form studying to share fun, friendship, and food.
  3. International Winter Formal: Undergraduate and graduate students come together for a semi-formal evening dinner with live music.
  4. International Quiz Bowl:   Hosted once a year during International Education Week, the International Quiz Bowl invites international and American students alike to test their knowledge of international trivia over a variety of subjects.
  5. Winter Break Happenings: For those staying on campus over Winter Break, the Davis IC Leaders maintain a list of events in and around Princeton, as well as a Facebook group where students and scholars can plan their own gatherings.


Meet the 2019 Davis IC Leaders:

Davis IC Leaders 2018

IC Leader Coordinator:

  • Bhadrajee Hewage '20 - Rep. of Ireland/United Kingdom/Sri Lanka 

IC Leaders:

  • Anna Wolcke '20 - Germany
  • Kwame Amaning 20' - Ghana/United Kingdom
  • Ben Clarke 20' - Northern Ireland
  • Osita Ighodaro 20' - Nigeria/United Kingdom
  • Bobo Stankovikj 20' - Macedonia
  • Hyojin (Jean) Cho '20 - South Korea
  • Colton Bishop 21' - United States
  • Jeongmin (JM) Cho '21 - South Korea
  • Aparna Shankar '21 - India
  • Edward Mowinckel '21 - United Kingdom/Portugal/Norway
  • Joshua Tebeau '21 - Poland/United States
  • Anoushka Mariwala '21 - India
  • Young Kyung Grace Lee '21 - South Korea
  • Edward Tian '22 - Canada
  • Ronnie Kihonge '22 - Kenya
  • Kesegofetse (Kesh) Rauwe '22 - Botswana
  • Mayowa Oke '22 - Canada
  • Sultan Habsi '22 - Oman
  • Sophie Amiton '22 - United States
  • Andres Larrieu '22 - Mexico
  • Katherine Ross '22 - Canada
  • Johanne Kjaersgaard '22 - Denmark
  • Mika Hyman '22 - United Kingdom/United States