Advising & Appointments

General Information

The Davis International Center offers immigration advising and support through a variety of formats. Below you will find information about our advising team, and will be able to access links to our virtual drop-in hours and appointment booking pages. We update this page if there are any changes to our office schedule.

Virtual drop-in hours are best used for quick questions that are 10 minutes or less. During Drop-in hours you will be in a zoom waiting room while the advisor serves others who entered before you. Leaving the waiting room and rejoining later will result in you rejoining the back of the queue. 

Advising appointments can be scheduled virtually or in person and are scheduled for 30 minutes though many questions can be answered more quickly. 

We are commonly asked about travel signatures. How to request one can be found on the top of our travel guidance page

If you experience technical or logistical issues with booking an appointment or collecting documents, please email or call your assigned advisor directly.

Princeton Postdocs, Faculty and other Research Staff Appointments

If you are unsure which advisor to contact below please feel free to reach out to [email protected] and we will answer your question or connect you to the appropriate people or resources. 

Students, Undergrads, Grads and VSRCs (via Zoom)

Student Appointments (via Zoom or In Person)